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Comments from the Customer Service Center

What a great day! Our Father's Day Barbecue and Job Fair was a wonderful success! We received 152 applications! Attendance was over 450!

We were proud to partner with Mount Olivet church. Thank you Bishop Husband and Elder Sandra Johnson for helping us put this together! We could not have done this without the wonderful church volunteers in cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs and helping on the serving line- thank you all so much!

Special thanks to Nicole Brown and Kristen Rabourdin for planning, promoting, and executing a fantastic event! Thank you Shantelle Brown for helping out with the raffle. It is going to be a great partnership having the HOPE Pharmacy inside our store!

Thank you to Boyd Headley, Lori Payne, and Valeryee Mitchell from the Office of Community Wealth Building for organizing and running the job fair!

Our fabulous Advisory Committee was out in force Thank you Mike Maruca for helping out all day! Thank you Gilbert Howard for helping on the serving line. Thank you Karen Wells for helping on the serving line. Karen works for the American Heart Association- thank you for arranging the donation of 10 new basketballs from the AHA! The balls will be used often on the church's new basketball backboard, hoops, and nets that the store was thrilled to provide! Thank you Curtis Lee for putting together the music!

Thank you to the community volunteers that just showed up to help out!

Most of all, thank you to the community. It was great seeing so many come out! It just felt right. As I've stated, our goal is for our store to be a part of the entire community. Today solidified our thoughts that we are going in the right direction!


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