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Shaaron Atkins-Comfort

Store Director

13 years experience

Shaaron aspires to see personal, professional, well-rounded growth within herself and in the community.


Keith Khan

Produce Manager

16 years experience

Keith brings over a decade and a half of experience and strives to always provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer service in all of his endeavors.

Kenneth.HEIC copy.jpg

Kenneth Jenkins

Assistant Store Director

18 years experience

Kenneth has a goal of helping people live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging and providing healthy products for everyone.

Kelvin.HEIC copy.jpg

Kelvin Carter

Meat & Seafood Manager

30 years experience

Kelvin brings over three decades of experience to his role and desires a community and place where everyone can achieve success

Derek.HEIC copy.jpg

Derek Houston

Business Analyst

4 years experience

Derek brings excitement to his role, and enjoys being a part of the community and aiding positive changes impact others lives.


Jae Scott

Chief Operating Officer

20 years experience

Believes in authentic service to the community and making people's lives better by delivering excellent customer service and fair-wage jobs for neighbors in Church Hill. 

Tim.HEIC copy.jpg

Tim Wyatt

Grocery Manager

6 years experience

Tim strongly values  community service and uplifts the community by aiding growth and building a new positive environment for all.

Serving our community through great service, people and food.

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