We believe in caring deeply for our neighbors through respect, thoughtfulness, and authentic service. We recognize the history of Church Hill and honor the traditions of generations past. We are committed to contributing to the strength and resilience of our community. We believe beyond what is expected to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. We believe in the greatness of people, the goodness of food and the importance of a welcoming community space for all to meet. 



  • Provide the highest level of authentic service to the entire community

  • Provide the highest quality food at great prices

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere to provide a warm, inviting and memorable customer experience

  • Provide in-store services to meet the daily needs of our customers


  • To honor and celebrate the extensive and significant history of Church Hill

  • To develop initiatives to support a culture of community health


  • Provide a supportive, challenging and dynamic environment for our Team Members

  • Create an environment where Team Members can learn, flourish and succeed

  • Provide employment opportunities for our Church Hill community


  • Create partnerships with community organizations, congregations, schools and businesses to contribute to positive social, economic and health transformation

  • Establish locally-based partnerships with growers, producers and artisans


(From left to right: Norm Gold, Gilbert Howard, Dan Stembridge, Karen Wells, Sean Miller, Curtis Lee  / Not pictured: Stephanie Carrington, Melissa Brooks, Mike Maruca)


We know all good things come when people work together and collaborate. The dedicated team that makes up the Advisory Board  is  busy  meeting  with the neighbors, hosting community meetings 

and sharing the ideas, concerns, feedback and excitement from the participants.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Chat with one of our Advisory Board Members or click below to send and email.


Serving our community through great service, people and food.

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