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Comments from the Customer Service Center

Superb customer service is one way that our store will separate ourselves from other markets. We want everyone shopping in the store to feel welcome and comfortable in an environment that encourages respect, joy, excellence, and professionalism- four of our store's values.

It will be part of the culture and an expectation of all that work in our store. Over the next six weeks we will be having job fairs throughout the community. For those interested in working in our store, please know that these expectations will be looked for in all of our interviews.

Sincerity in your desire to be part of great addition to the community, providing excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere, will be required to be part of our team.

Looking forward to welcoming the right staff to our Market @ 25th!


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Comments from the Customer Service Counter

I had a wonderful conversation with Don Coleman yesterday. Many things truly resonated with me and made me think. We talked about sincerity and trust, how important it is to establish and maintain t


Suman Sharma
Suman Sharma
4 days ago

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Ann Green
Ann Green
Jun 11

Great customer service is an environment that encourages respect, joy, excellence and professionalism as part of the culture and an expectation of all that operates. Happy Wheels


We look forward to welcoming the suitable staff to our Market on the 25th.

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We will be holding job fairs throughout the neighborhood over the next six weeks. doodle games

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