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Comments from the Customer Service Center

As we research the history of Church Hill for the inside store decor, we keep finding something we didn't know before. Did you know that back in 1887, the electric trolley system, that ran throughout the country in the 19th and 20th centuries, started right here in Church Hill?

We are on the lookout for historical photos of Church Hill- landmarks, organizations, and buildings primarily. If you have any you'd like us to share in our store photo gallery, please drop them off at the East End Public Library on 25th Street along with your contact info. We will carefully scan them and return them to you!

Wednesday, June 6th is our first job fair, at Fairfield Court!

There was a great article in last Sunday's Richmond Times Dispatch, talking about, "grocers trying to lessen the impact on the environment". I agree with Rick Hood that "we are worried about our planet". I also want to help protect the environment for my kids and grandkids! Our store will make it a priority to help. Some areas will be:

  • Our mission is to support locally owned food producers and growers which will help reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain

  • Partner with PBS to educate on environmental stewardship, especially in the meat and seafood departments, in the cafe, and the community room in regards to recycling

  • As we develop the store, we will look for every opportunity to create environmentally sound best practices as part of our standard operating procedures, and incorporate them in our team member training and store culture.

  • By adding a full service grocery store to a urban market it immediately reduces the environmental impact of people needing to drive to suburban centers to shop for groceries. 

  • All lighting is LED which uses 60% less energy than fluorescent

  • We use refrigeration rack heat to heat the water

  • All the refrigeration cases are high efficiency cases


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Comments from the Customer Service Counter

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Marikan Sukasi
Marikan Sukasi
5 days ago

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Goodwin Peter
Goodwin Peter

If you want success in your life, do not focus on what others are doing. Instead, focus on what you should be doing tunnel rush.



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