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Comments from the Customer Service Center

This morning I donated platelets at the Virginia Blood Services. I donate every two weeks. It's a great way to play a small part in saving lives! We'll be having a blood mobile at our store monthly for anyone that wants to donate- it's easy!

On Friday, I had a wonderful meeting at the Richmond Heritage Federal Credit Union. I met with Randy Cooper and Sonji Tucker- such a great organization and passionate leaders! Did you know that it was founded by 10 African American teachers back in 1936? Their mission very much aligns with The Market at 25th. We will be having more discussions, hopefully moving us towards developing a partnership at our store!

Also on Friday, I was given a great tour of areas of Church Hill- locations I had not visited yet, by Ken Morris. It helped me get an even better picture of everything that Church Hill has to offer and how our store can provide a service to all of Church Hill. Thank you Ken for the tour!

After our meeting with the Metropolitan Business League Thursday night, I've receive many emails from minority owned entrepreneurs interested in selling their products in our store. I'll be meeting with them over the next two weeks. Thank you Floyd Miller ED of the MBL for arranging this meeting!

Have a great Saturday!


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