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Comments from the Customer Service Center

To the future customers of The Market @ 25th:

This will be my daily "blog". I've named it "Comments from the Customer Service Center" because superb, unsurpassed customer service is what our store will be known for. It will always be at the center of our attention and highest in our priority.

We've had a fantastic two days! We launched our new website, announced our store name, and introduced Shantelle Brown, who will be opening up the HOPE Pharmacy inside our store! I doesn't get much better than that! We had great media coverage from the Richmond TImes Dispatch, Channel 8, and Channel 12- thank you to each for getting the word out about our store.

This evening Brad Hulse, the Senior Vice President of Hourigan Construction, and I spoke at the Metropolitan Business League meeting, talking about opportunities for minority owned contractors, vendors, and service providers, at the construction site and in the store. Thank you to Floyd Miller, the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Business League for inviting us! I am truly looking forward to working with Floyd and the members of the MBL to offer great products and services in our store!


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Comments from the Customer Service Counter

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