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A Complete Guide to Preparing a Work Cited Page in MLA Format - 2022

MLA formatting has been developed by an organization known as Modern Language Association. It was developed with the purpose of correct formatting of assignments and papers for different researchers, scholars, and students in the field of literature and language. When paper or assignment gets developed in a uniform method, it becomes easy for the readers to understand and read the content.

Initially, MLA was developed for the field of language and literature only, but now it has been adopted by different disciplines as well. In April 2021, the 9th and the latest version of MLA was released. Different instructions and rules and standards of MLA citation and formatting can be found out in its handbook.

Students do not have a direct association with MLA, so their professors guide them with the rules and standards associated with MLA citation and formatting. Once students are done with in-text citation and formatting of the paper they move towards the work cited page. It represents the detail of all those sources which have been utilized in the paper to develop your arguments.

Some students find it difficult to develop a work cited page because of a lack of writing and research abilities. Such students can go for the 'online assignment help' service from different online websites. These websites can help them with the development of content along with formatting and citation. If students are aware of the basic steps of the development of a work cited page, formatting becomes easy for them. Some of the steps of development of work cited page are as follows:

Basic and Essential Rules

  • At the end of the research paper, always start the work cited on a separate page. This page should have at least 1-inch margins and the rest of the paper should consist of the last name and page number in the header. The header should not be missed because it is part of MLA formatting.

  • The Work Cited page needs to be labeled and it needs to be labeled at the top of the new page. The words Work Cited should not be italicized neither they need to include in the quotation marks. Only Work Cited words need to be centered while all other sources need to be aligned on the left margin of the paper.

  • All citations should be double spaced. All entries should be at a specific distance from each other.

  • In order to create a hanging indent, the second line of the sources should be indented by 0.5 inches.

  • Carefully include the page number of the sources only when they are needed. If you have worked on any journal article from pages 225 to 250 cite it as 225-50. The first set of repeated numbers also get ignored in MLA citation.

  • If you use only one page of any article or other source, use the abbreviation 'p' before the specific page number. But if you have used a span number of sources use the abbreviation 'pp' before the page numbers. In the span of pages, the hyphen is utilized in the MLA style.

  • If you utilize any source which was originally issued in print form and you cite it from an online database, the name of the online database will be written in italics. No additional information is required in this case other than the database name.

Follow these rules to finish your work in a timely manner. Then, if you are overworked and don't have time to do your homework on time, you can turn to "write my college paper"service websites for assistance with your academic projects.

Additional Rules

  • Whenever you utilize any online sources, always provide the link associated with it. It helps the readers to locate the source easily and utilize it whenever they need. If you are using a scholarly database and peer-reviewed articles always mention DOI in the references, if you are not aware of DOI use URL. DOI or URL is considered as the final element which needs to be included in the citation and this needs to be followed by a specific period.

  • All citations in the Work Cited page need to end with a period. A good essay writing service or researcher is one who is aware of the additional rules of MLA.

Punctuation and Capitalization

  • Each word in the title of the book or article should be capitalized on the work cited page. Titles consist of different articles, conjunctions, and prepositions as well; all these should not be capitalized.

  • For the titles of the larger works such as books and magazines use italics instead of highlighting them. Quotation marks can be used for the titles of articles and poems as they are included in shorter works.

Names of Author

All the citations included in the Work Cited pages need to be arranged in alphabetical order with the last name of the authors. The last name of the author is written first and then comes the first name. If the author has a middle name it will be written after the first name in the entries. The degrees and titles of the authors do not need to be written with names.

Different Works by One Author

  • If you have used different works which have been written by one author, arrange all the entries in the alphabetical order of the title. For every entry use three hyphens instead of the name of the author.

  • If you have cited such work whose author is unknown, arrange the entry in alphabetical order with respect to its title.

These are the simple steps that can be followed to write a work cited page. But still, if students are confused they can contact the college essay writing service provider to get help in formatting and content of the paper.

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